The love and support of a God-fearing man like my husband makes marriage even sweeter. – Omoni Oboli

With over 30 movies under her belt including the critically acclaimed “The Figurine” by Kunle Afolayan and “Anchor Baby” Omoni Oboli has become one of the prominent names in Nollywood. She dishes on her career, family, success, and upcoming projects. She also speaks on the journey of Nollywood, and explains  why her husband is always by her side even she’s on location.

For those who may have recently started following your career, how old were you when you started acting professionally?

I was 18 years old when I started acting professionally. This was in my first year at the  university when I got a role as Liz Benson’s maid in the movie, “Shame”. The movie also starred RMD. I left the industry that same year to concentrate on my studies and came back 10 years later.

Did you undergo any type of training to acquire acting skills?

I didn’t undergo any formal training, but I had many years of informal training. I have been acting since I was 3 years old, and I would always make sure that I was in every school play. I ended up becoming the head of the drama club in my secondary school days.

You are married, and you have three boys. How do you manage your family life, and being a working actress?

The most important ingredient in achieving this is the grace of God. The love and support of a God-fearing man like my husband makes it even sweeter. Together, we are raising our children in the fear of God and I thank God that they are not terrible children. This is where I draw strength from to go out into the world and give my best.

It’s my backbone and the muscle I use to stand firm and hold my head high. I don’t take God or my family for granted and I don’t take my job more seriously than my family. My mother also trained me well. I didn’t just happen into the world. There has been a process of getting to where I am  today and that process shaped me and trained me to do what I do. I wouldn’t say it’s all so easy to balance it all but God’s grace is sufficient for me.

Why does your husband go everywhere with you?
 I would think that if a married woman wasn’t seen with her husband, the question, “Why aren’t you ever seen with your husband?” would be more appropriate. I can’t imagine not being with him as much as I am. We’ve always been close and always been together.

Everyone who knows my husband from when we first got married till now and all his business dealings know me and him together. So, I would say, “Why shouldn’t my husband go everywhere with me?” There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be with the one you love all the time. If he’s not with me, I call him till I see him, and that’s the way love goes.

Is this your way of keeping him secure in the marriage?
 I don’t need to keep him secure. How can I? He’s totally secure himself. What we do is simply because we love each other and totally enjoy our company.

Last year, you took a highly publicized trip to Jerusalem. What was the purpose of the trip?
 I went with a group of Christian women under the auspices of Awesome Treasures Foundation led by Mrs Adejumoke Adenowo. It was a spiritual retreat.

What was the experience like?
As the name of the foundation goes, I would say, simply Awesome! It’s one of those things that everyone should put on their bucket list and set a time to just experience it for themselves, but with the right company of Godly people to make it count.



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